Saturday, February 23, 2013

Megan Likes (New) Books (21) / Reading Through My Bookshelf (19)

Megan Likes (New) Books

Megan Likes (New) Books is a personalize weekly meme inspired by In My Mailbox, Stacking the Shelves and Book Haul where I show off the new books and bookish items I've received lately.

A Natural History of Dragons - Marie Brennan
Imager's Battalion - L. E. Modesitt, Jr.

Beautiful Creatures - Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

A Discovery of Witches - Deborah Harkness

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Reading Through My Bookshelf

Last Weeks Status: 98
Incoming Books: 4
Books Completed: 2
Current Status: 100

Yikes, 100!


  1. I really need to try reading Beautiful Creatures! I've heard such varied things about the book AND the movie, so I'd like to see what I think about both ... of course, I can't watch the movie without reading the book!

    You're making progress with your bookshelf! Yay!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my site, and love your vlog! Imager's Battalion was one I got from the library a few weeks ago on the basis of good reviews, but I just never got around to reading. I'll be interested to hear your review to see if it's worth getting again.

    No, you're not the only one who hasn't read the Beautiful series yet. I just bought them all when Amazon had the Kindle versions on sale last weekend. I tend to just read on my Kindle before bed, so I'm making my way slowly through BC, but I'm enjoying it so far. Hope you do, too!

    New GFC and Twitter follower :)


  3. Eeeeeppp!!!! You're gonna LOVE Beautiful Creatures! Enjoy your reads! :D

    Here's my Showcase Sunday

    PS: New NB follower :)

  4. Beautiful Creatures was a great book, my only problem with it was that I got tired of Ethan's POV. The last book - Beautiful Redemption - is from Ethan and Lena's POV and Lena's POV was like a breath of fresh air. I really like the characters and the world building in this series, though. Sucks that it's broken :( I hope you'll still enjoy it and maybe after we both see the movie, we can change thoughts on it:) Happy reading and thanks so much for stopping by!

    Siiri @ Little Pieces of Imagination

  5. That dragon book looks really awesome! I love reading the books before watching the movies too - hope you enjoy them all! <3

  6. Beautiful Creatures! I haven't read it which means I haven't seen the movie, either >_< And you reminded me about my copy of A Discovery of Witches that's been sitting in my TBR pile since last year, lol. Great haul!

    Thanks for dropping by my StS! :D

    - Kazhy @ My Library in the Making

  7. It seems like lots of folks picked up Beautiful Creatures (or its sequels, in my case) this week! I hope you enjoy all your books, and thanks for stopping by my WoW!

    Happy reading!

    ~Merin @ Read and Reviewed~

  8. A Natural History of Dragons is so pretty! I loved the illustration you showed. I hope you enjoy all your reads. Thanks for stopping by my sts:)

  9. You got some great books this week :D Happy reading!

  10. Great haul! Love Beautiful Creatures, so I'm really excited for the movie! Enjoy yours books! Happy reading and thanks for stopping by my blog! :D

  11. A Natural History of Dragons sounds sooo cool! The concept, the pictures, the map are all awesome. I'll be on the lookout for your review. Sorry about the ruined cover... but I hope you still enjoy Beautiful Creatures! I really loved the writing, setting, and characters.

  12. Beautiful Creatures!!! I loved this book and I hope the movie is just as good. I love the cool picture on A Natural History of Dragons and it sounds awesome. Enjoy all of your wonderful books and thanks for stopping by my STS!

    Ange @ Moonlight Reader

  13. I have Beautiful Creatures. Haven't read it yet. Going to be reading it for Book Club in April :) Old follower. Happy reading!

    Megan @ Megz Madd Readz

  14. I started listening to the Beautiful Creatures audiobook, but for some reason I found it rather boring. I got about 25% through it and decided to put it to the side and try again later. Everybody seems to love it though... maybe I should give it another try? Enjoy your books this week! :)