Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cover Compare: Cinder

I love checking out the cover of other language versions of popular books. Today I took a look at Cinder, which I'm totally admitting that I haven't read yet.

Spanish (hardcover)
Spanish (paperback)
For once, I think the English version is my favourite! I love how it's a total nod to the fairytale while still looking all cyborg-y. The Spanish paperback is really similar, but I prefer the red shoe because it's more eye-catching. The Spanish handcover is my next favourite because she looks like one creepy-ass doll. Maybe the Italian version would make more sense once I've read the book, since I have no clue what is on that girl's head. And the Portuguese version looks like a memoir or some kind. What do you guys think?


  1. I love the English one, but the Spanish hardcover is also pretty!

  2. It's really hard to pick! I do like the Spanish hardcover, but you're right ... the English one is probably best!

  3. I love the English version, but also like the Italian and Portuguese.

  4. I really love doing this too! I have to say, I like the Medusa looking one!

  5. I agree I think the English one is the best, but both the Spanish covers come in close. The Italian one kind of freaked me out at first and if I saw it I'd probably think some paranormal stuff, when in reality it's actually a dystopian.

  6. MEGAN YOU NEED TO READ CINDER. I probably shouldn't be talking because I haven't even read Scarlet yet, BUT STILL. Also, these are interesting. I also think English is the strongest. And I've read the book and even I can't make sense out of the Italian version...