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Black Satin Blog Tour: Playlist Guest Post

I'm super excited for Rae Hachton to be doing a guest post for Megan Likes Books today! Music is an important part of our lives and often serves as inspiration for authors. Here's the songs that inspired Rae for Pretty in Black and Black Satin! Don't forget to check out the rest of the tour and enter the tour-wide giveaway at the bottom! The songs in bold are the most important to the story!

Pretty in Black Soundtrack
1. Lovefool—The Cardigans
2. Lullaby—The Cure *This song would play when Marcus surreptitiously watches Ellie in both the cemetery and woods.*
3. Earth Angel—Death Cab for Cutie *Marcus & Ellie dance to this song when she is first taken to Nevermore in book one
4. The Birth & Death of the Day—Explosions in the Sky. This song helped inspire the cover design, and gave me an overall atmospheric feeling for how the first book should be. 
5. Fly—Ludovico Einaudi This song is part of the “score”
6. Primavera—Ludovico Einaudi Another “score” song that sets the mood. Also, the trailer song. 
7. Nuvole Bianche—Ludovico Einaudi My favorite “score” song. This is how Marcus & Ellie feels when they’re together. I believe this music captures it perfectly.
8. Time Flies—Lykke Li
9. Teen Angst—M83
10. Graveyard Girl—M83
11. Hello—Poe
12. Time After Time—Quietdrive
13. Sleepwalking—The Raveonettes
14. Everyday—The Raveonettes *Cover song of my favorite Buddy Holly song, done beautifully, that captures Ellie’s & Marcus’s beginning relationship perfectly, because it has the creepy aspect to it.* 
15. Forget That You’re Young—The Raveonettes *Song that plays at Halloween Dance that Ellie chose* 16. Summer Moon—The Raveonettes *Another song at the Halloween Dance that fits the mood of book*
17. My Time’s Up—The Raveonettes This song is THE song. This is Marcus’s and Ellie’s song, it’s the song that inspired the entire series. This song first plays at the Halloween dance when Ellie tells Marcus she is certain she wants to be with him, regardless of the costs. This song would be like “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” was to Edward & Bella.
18. Ageless Beauty—Stars *If this were a movie, this song would be the END song on Ellie’s part.*
19. We Belong Together—Cover Song of Ritchie Valens *Would not appear in actual movie in number one, or be on soundtrack, but would appear at a later time in the series, & is on the playlist.*

 Marcus’s Songs 
1. Please, Please, Please—Muse. *Marcus and Ellie dance to this in Maxx’s club when he tells her he wants to talk to her again. This is how Marcus feels.*
2. Haunting Me—Stabbing Westward *This song plays after Marcus crawls out of the grave and learns that he’s an evermore & flies off to Nevermore for the first time*
3. Without You—Seabound *How Marcus feels for Ellie*
4. Map of the Problematique—Muse
5. Supernova—Catacombe *Marcus’s trailer song*
6. Looking Glass—The Birthday Massacre *END song*

 Black Satin Soundtrack
1. Pitter-Patter Goes My Heart—Broken Social Scene *This song on the “soundtrack” would play when Ellie rushes to stop Marcus from passing through at the Risorgimento
2. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun *Asylum Remix*—Emilie Autumn
3. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)—Emily Browning *Ellie’s Trailer song. Originally appeared on the Pretty in Black soundtrack, but I thought it was more fitting for this book instead, as things get more dark and twisted in this book, than in the first.
4. What You Want—Evanescence *This song is the one I imagined would play when Walter bursts through window as raven-gargoyle shapeshifter to save Ellie*
5. Your Hand in Mine—Explosions —in the Sky
6. I Can Almost See You—Hammock
7. The Walk—Imogen Heap *This is how Ellie feels about Walter. This song plays during the action scene where she goes to kill the Legion & he comes to help*
8. Love is a Mystery—Ludovico Einaudi *Score Song. Ellie wonders where Marcus is*
9. Love out of Lust—Lykke Li
10. Melodies & Desires—Lykke Li *Sets the mood for Land of Naught and being around Walter*
11. Gone—M83 *Opening song, Ellie’s section*
12. Slight Night Shiver—M83
13. No Trace to Love—Panic Lift *Song Ellie dances to in Maxx’s club when Paul/Corvus approaches her*
14. My Time’s Up—The Raveonettes Plays on New Year’s Eve at the very, very end of book. If you’ve read it, you know what scene it relates to! Not leaving a spoiler here!
15. Christmas Ghosts—The Raveonettes *The song that plays in the car, on the way to The Secret Garden during the winter scene. Ellie mentions this song directly*
16. Expelled From Love—The Raveonettes
17. Remember Me—Saltillo *Actually, this song should have been placed up above, on the Pretty in Black soundtrack. It plays when Ellie does that little special cheer dance to upset Madison!
18. Whispers in the Dark—Skillet *Walter’s song*
19. You Are My Home—The Sleep Design
20. Last Night I Dreamt I Would Last Forever—Edison Woods *Ellie’s odd dream about seeing Marcus in wheat field*
21. Oh Stranger—The Raveonettes This is the song that plays during the second train scene.
22. Love is Strange—The Shimmering Stars *Ellie & Walter dance to this song*
23. Let it be Me—The Shimmering Stars *Song Ellie has picked out for her wedding and she hears it when she looks out the window during first train scene, displeased with what she sees*
24. Die With You—Blutengel *Dance Club song*
25. Dreamland—Blutengel
26. Redeemer—Marilyn Manson *Marcus Marble song, does not appear on actual soundtrack. Will appear on Raven in the Grave.*
27. Jay Gordon—Slept so Long *Marcus Marble song, does not appear on actual soundtrack. Will appear on Raven in the Grave*
28. Not Meant for Me—Wayne Static *Marcus Marble song, does not appear on actual soundtrack. Will appear on Raven in the Grave*
29. For Your Hands on my Skin—De-vision
30. Dark Paradise—Lana Del Rey *END SONG*
31. Spider & The Fly—London After Midnight *Plays on the way to the see Cornelius for the first time*
32. Space—Mira
33. Soulcreeper—The Secret Meeting *Plays when first arriving at Land of Naught and after leaving Cornelius castle.*
34. The Opening—Saltillo *Marcus Marble song, does not appear on actual soundtrack. Will appear on Raven in the Grave*
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