Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cover Compare: Beautiful Creatures

This is a common thing, but I rarely actually like the movie version of book covers. I like imagining my own faces for the characters, rather than having Hollywood stars planted in my mind before I even start reading. Today's example? Beautiful Creatures, which I own and still haven't read. Original is so much prettier than the movie cover. No contest this week!
Movie tie-in


  1. The original is way better here! I usually don't like book covers that are changed for movies either.

  2. I agree that the original is a lot better and for the exact same reason as you, the characters never look just how I envisioned them. I have this one and still need to read it too!

  3. The original is WAY better. I hate seeing characters on covers -- especially movie characters because they're never the people I would've picked.

  4. I like the older one, but, this is not one of the worst movie covers I've seen so far!