Monday, January 6, 2014

DNF Files (2)

4 to 16 Characters - Kelly Hourihan

This one was a case of not being able to stand the main character for one more page. She was so annoying and bitchy and arrogant. I liked the idea the author was going for, but the format didn't quite work either. But mostly I just wanted to punch Jane in the face.

The Mayfair Moon by J. A. Redmerski

This one was more boring than bad. There was nothing particularly terrible about it, I just felt like I'd read it before. It has a serious Twilight feel, so if that's your thing you might love this one. But Adria was boring and seemed a bit dumb and I just felt like my life wasn't going to be any better for having read this book. Also, look at how creepy that dude's hand is! Eww!!!!

These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

I feel so bad for DNFing this one! I love YA sci-fi and honestly wish there was more of it. However, These Broken Stars didn't do it for me. I had two main gripes with this one and I know 100% that one of them in totally personal preference. That's the romance. It felt like the ENTIRE story, which is crazy considering there's a space ship crash. But I felt like everything was thrust into the background to make room for Lilac and Tarver trying to deny their feelings. I definitely prefer romance to be secondary in books, so this one wasn't for me for this reason. Secondly, Lilac drove me insane. She's really whiny and useless and annoying for me. I mean, I understand that it has to do with her class, but I found her really annoying and unlikeable. Considering at one point she says "the ultimate humiliation" is for Tarver to see her smiling because he gave her a compliment. Really? THAT'S the ultimate humilitaion? Seriously. I'm definitely the black sheep on this one, as most other bloggers seemed to have loved this one!



  1. Ahh.. I am sorry you didn't stick with These Broken Stars. Yes, Lilac is super annoying in the beginning but I promise she grows and changes. I ended up really loving this one. The others, I haven't tried, but neither grabs my attention.

  2. Aw, sorry to hear that these didnt work, I've had high hopes fo r These Broken Stars, but will still try but lower expectations. Thanks for honesty!

  3. I can't believe you didn't finish These Broken Stars! ;O
    But I guess it's understandable if you like more plot, less romance. To be honest, the first half of the book felt plot-less. I even wrote that in my review. But it eventually picked up. So I can understand if you didn't want to perceiver. :P
    Brea (:

  4. I have an ARC of These Broken Stars and have seen really good things about it and really bad things ... I might put off reading it for a while longer. I'd hate to be disappointed!

  5. I still have to finish These Broken Stars, and I agree with you about Lilac being pretty frustrating. I think I'm still going to finish it, though. It's too bad you didn't like it :( So far, I have pretty mixed thoughts.

  6. Oh no soo sorry about These Broken Stars! Yes, there is a lot of focus about romance which is why I loved it so damn much, but I see how that can be out someone else off.

  7. The Broken Stars was meh for me at first and I seriously contemplated DNFing it, but then it got ... whoa. Lilac does some nice growing too. So I totally understand your issue with it.

  8. LOL! I did not notice that arm until you pointed it out, but it's definitely grey. I'm hoping I appreciate TBS more that you did, because I've lined it up for my 5th read in Bout of Books this week and if I don't like it I might not meet my goal of 5 books in a week. (The more I dislike a book, the slower I read.) So fingers crossed! I do really love a good romance though... :-)

  9. Oh, too bad you didn't enjoy These Broken Stars! Luckily I read many reviews that warned me it was first and foremost a romance, before it was a sci-fi. This made me appreciate it more.