Thursday, July 24, 2014

Life of a Blogger: Quirks

Life of a Blogger is a weekly feature hosted by Jessi of Novel Heartbeat. Each week, we share a little about ourselves and our real lives so we can get to know the people behind the blogs!

I haven't done a Life of a Blogger for a while now. Oops! This week's topic is quirks. I guess I have a few...

1. I love putting things in alphabetical order. Especially my books. I find it calming.
2. I love baking, but sometimes avoid it because I hate doing the dished afterwards.
3. I can't read in the car or on the bus, but I can on a train.
4. My boyfriend and I have a special voice we use when we talk to our cat. It's not a baby voice, but almost more like a demon.
5. If I'm eating multiple things (like meat, potatoes and veggies), I have to eat them one at a time.

Jeez, I can't think of anything else. Maybe I'm just not that quirky.


  1. I love that you did this! I think we all have our quirks, I hate clutter and am constantly straightening things and throwing things away, not always a good thing when I throw something important away someone else needed...oops!

  2. OOOO...I love alphabetizing things too! It is very soothing...until you get a new book or two and have them sitting off to the side outside the otherwise perfect organization...

  3. Ha ha ... tha'ts funny that you talk to your cat in a demon voice! And yes to the alphabetical order -- I LOVE putting my books in order. Sometimes I do by title, sometimes by author ... it's very soothing! And thank god for dishwashers, amirite?

  4. But. You don't eat rice one grain at a time though? ;)

    Also...demon voice...yes.

  5. I have read another blogger's quirks yesterday and since then I'm trying to think of my own. But yeah I have one that is annoying really. I cannot go to sleep if the dishes aren't washed. It kills me. LOL I love how you describe your special voice xD I'm sure that your cat loves it. Great post! :)

  6. One at a time! Noooo

    You're a weird voice pet person huh. I'm glad you aren't the baby voice type. My sister is and I can't stand it drives me up a wall

  7. Ugh, I HATE doing dishes. I can't really read in the car anymore because I get motion sickness (which I never used to annoying!). #4 cracked me up! And I am the same way with #5!