Monday, April 1, 2013

Paranormal Reading Challenge: Demons

Wow, I can't believe we're already in April! I hope your paranormal reading has been going awesome!

This month we're talking and reading about demons. Demons can be a bit hit or miss, but I love them anyway. I'm a major sucker for the straight up evil demons! None of this I'm-a-demon-but-I-don't-want-to-be-bad stuff here! Just evil through and through! Like this badass demon prince Orcus!

I also like how weird demons can look. Check out this guy! Who says you need a head to have a mouth?!

I also love learning about demons from other cultures! Like this one from the Mulkirigala temple in Sri Lanka!
And of course, a Supernatural demon:

As far as books with demons, I'm going to recommend The Protector series by M. R. Merrick! Fast-paced YA demon-fighting awesome!

I haven't decided yet what I'm reading this month, so I'm happy for any suggestions!

Here's the linky to add your reviews! The price for this month is currently TBA, but we'll let you know soon what you can possibly win!


  1. diana rowland has a good series about demons but i'm not sure or what my others books will be^^ ( i do hope teh prize will be for thebookdepository)

  2. I posted late but mine doesn't correspond to the month, I did aliens this month! Going to try to meet the rest with the corresponding paranormal topic!