Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Paranormal Reading Challenge: Aliens

To be honest, I haven't really many (any?) paranormal books. So this will be an exciting month for me to try something new!

When I think of aliens, I think of one of my favourite TV shows growing up: 3rd Rock from the Sun. John Lithgow + (a very young) Joseph Gorden-Levitt =  Awesome!
This month's read is Icons by Margaret Stohl. Hopefully it goes a little better than my demon read!

Be sure to link up your reviews for this month!


  1. The big giant head, lol. Great show.

  2. aliens i think about teh series by gini koch and i can't wait to start ^^ i did well on demon too so i'm happy ( now i just need to win at least once to be in paradise)

  3. This has aliens? Whoa how did I not know that? I also recommend the 5th Wave that was epic!

  4. I didn't know ICONS has aliens! Hope you enjoy it! I didn't manage to get a demon read in last month, so started this one off straight away with aliens. :-)