Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Monster Reading Challenge Post

Rather than do individual posts for every reading challenge I want to participate in, I've decided to make one huge monster post for all of them.

TBR Pile Reading Challenge

My bookshelves are FULL of unread books that I want to read so bad but keep getting distracted by shiny new books.

Goal: 20 books

Review Pile Reading Challenge

Phantasmic Reads

My review list is way too long. I'm not sure if I'll even catch up on all those ebooks I requested when I first discovered Netgalley, but I definitely plan to catch up on my physical review copies this year.

Goal: 15 books

Prequel & Sequel Challenge

This one runs on a points system. If I read all the books I have planned, I'll end up in the Advanced category

Goal: 64 points

2014 Series Challenge

You guys, this has badges. BADGES! I'm in!

Goal: Silver (complete 4-6 series)

Dystopian Reading Challenge

Maybe this year...

Goal: Rebel (7-12 books)

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  1. I entered a ton of challenges earlier this year and loved them all. I haven't even looked at them yet for next year. Some of these sound fun. I need to look into them more.