Thursday, February 27, 2014

Life of a Blogger is a weekly feature hosted by Jessi of Novel Heartbeat. Each week, we share a little about ourselves and our real lives so we can get to know the people behind the blogs!

This week's topic is guilty pleasures. I have a few:

1. Candy and sweets. This is a big one. I love candy! But I'm trying to cut back a bit now that I'm older because all that candy  has resulted in a bit more weight than I want to carry around. But now and then, there's nothing enjoying a wide variety of candies and sweets!

Copyright by Moyan Brenn

2. Tea. I love tea. I drink a lot. I'm totally part of the loose leaf tea craze. At any given time, I have multiple varieties of tea in my cupboard (and probably at least one more in my locker at work).


3. Buying books. My book shelves are overflowing. I honestly do not need any more books. I think I honest have more unread books than read ones (because I give lots away after reading them). So why do I keep buying books? I've gotten better on this front, but I really love the feeling of sliding a new book onto the shelf!

My bookshelf!
What are your guilty pleasures? I want to know!


  1. Oh buying books ... I hear you! I've only bought three for myself this year so far and it feels great. Actually, my birthday is coming up and my husband keeps asking me what I want. I soooo want to buy some books, but I'd hate to buy something that's just going to sit on the shelf for the longest time. One day we'll both have MORE read books on the shelf!

    And tea! I mentioned this on Ambur's blog, but I have been into loose leaf tea for years now! I used to play gigs over at Steeps on 124th street and my favourite part of playing there was finding new teas to take home. I think it was a rare occasion when I didn't come home with a tin of new tea. :) I might have to make a trip to David's Tea one of these days for some new stuff ...

    And don't even get me started on candy. It sucks to be old.

  2. Yay for tea, I cannot express how much I love tea and actually how much I own. I have a whole kitchen cupboard just for my different types of tea. What is your favourite? I love Peppermint and Chai.

    Ha buying books, yes It's a struggle to leave empty handed when I go into my local book stores it almost feels wrong!

  3. I LOVE candy, but I'm seriously trying to get a little healthier and how hard.. Chocolate, sweets, chips, it's all so tempting, haha. And buying book is an obsession, but one I don't really mind :p

  4. I share all of those guilty pleasures with you, Megan...but I don't feel so guilty about them all the time, just sometimes. :P haha

    I can't resist candy's just so good! I have been trying to limit how much I eat though because it's one of those things that once you can't stop! And tea, well we were gushing about that yesterday, so it should be no surprise that I'm obsessed with loose tea, too...I definitely don't feel guilty about that one though. At least not usually. I do when I buy way too much at once though! haha And books....oh books! I was doing pretty good at limiting how many I was buying, but I kinda got bad again for a bit there. :S I wouldn't feel bad about buying books if my pile of books I own and haven't read wasn't so big. :P

  5. Mmmm I do love some good tea. I had this delicious orange spice tea years ago, and have looked all over for it with no avail. Le sigh. lol

  6. Teaaaaaaa, in all it's beautiful and amazing-ness :)

  7. I don't think I could live without sweets or any form of sugar! A sweet tooth is both a wonderful and terrible thing to have. As for tea though, I've never really gotten the appeal of tea. I'm not too fond of the taste >.<

  8. Sweeeeets. ^.^ I should have added buying books to my list! I'm terrible about buying books when I already have too many unread books on my shelf...

  9. YESSSS to all of this--even the tea! Green tea mainly though!