Friday, February 28, 2014

Take Control of Your TBR Pile - Goals

Take Control of Your TBR Pile 2014

A couple weeks ago, I reorganized my bookshelves. I actually LOVE reorganizing my bookshelves, although they always need to be in some kind of order (90% of the time alphabetical). This time, I separated my read and unread books. It was terrible! I actually currently have more unread books than books I've finished. To be fair, I do tend to ruthlessly cull books I didn't love and also swap ARCs with fellow bloggers. Regardless, nobody needs as many unread books as I have!

Here's my TBR bookshelf in all it's shameful glory!

So when I saw Take Control of Your TBR Pile, hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer, I knew I was in! I need this!

Ok, here's the rules:

  • Link-up! This is open to everyone. If you do not have a blog then link your Facebook or Goodreads account.
  • Make a Goals/updates/Results post (can be combined)
  • Beginning March 1st, 2014 and ending March 31, 2014 at midnight read books from your TBR pile ALL books must have been published before March 2014.
  • Post a review to Goodreads, your blog or Facebook then link it to the Rafflecopter for an entry. (review only needs to be a short one)
  • You can combine events, challenges etc.
  • No novellas for this one peeps
  • The rafflecopter will allow you to enter up to two books daily, so update as soon as you finish a book.
  • Earn an extra entry for adding Take Control Button to your blog, or facebook (with link-back)
  • Use hashtag #TakeControlTBR
  • Rafflecopter will close on April 2, 2014 at midnight and a winner will be chosen. Open internationally as long as Book Depository or Barnes and Noble ship to you. Prize: New 2013 release. I will do pre-orders as well. (may request eBook copy)

I still have a couple of ARCs I need to read in March, so I'm not setting my goal too high. I'm realistically know I can get through 2. So like a champ,  I'm going to double that and set my goal at 4. Who doesn't love a challenge!


  1. Oh... you and me both! I haven't reorganized my shelfs in a while. I desperately need a new bookcase (or two!) so I'm leaving them until then... But mine are also overflowing with unread books. I just can't help myself!

    And with the TBR challenge I'm actually going to try to read my Netgalleys so once again the shelf books won't be touched... poor things prob think they are unloved!

    Thanks for the reminder... I need to get a goal's post up as well. Good luck!

    Christina @ Creating Serenity

  2. Woohoo! I'm doing this too. Hope you kick some TBR butt! :)

  3. I have my bookcases organized by read/not-read as well, it's much easier to browse when you're not picking through stuff that isn't on the list any more! It is a little harder to pretend the pile is under control though... Especially when it's overflowed into piles on other surfaces as well because all the bookcases are full, hahaha.

  4. What a lovely challenge, I think I need to take part! Thanks for sharing and good luck :)

  5. This sounds like an amazing idea! I think I might join in :) I don't have a TBR shelf, as I mix all my read and unread books together, but I'm kind of nervous to see how many unread books I own. Good luck with the challenge!

  6. Oh! This sounds fun! I think I'm going to sign up. :)

  7. lol - cull that TBR! You can get four in!

  8. ACK. I wish I could do challenges/goals, but I NEVER KEEP UP WITH IT. I suck lol. GOOD LUCK!

  9. I am ashamed to admit I have way more unread books than read as well, embarrassingly so!

    Good luck with your pile, I hope you are able to take a nice chunk out of it!!

  10. I LOVE your bookshelf!!! I'm dreading the day we all go "paperless".... And I disagree entirely with you, everyone needs as many unread books as you :D I'm completely jealous! I have almost as many. I can't imagine what our e-readers look like (yikes!)

    I'll be reading review books this month, too. Can't get around those. I think you'll probably do 5 TBR reads!! I'm being positive for you :D Good luck!!

  11. I am one of those readers that has converted to mostly ebooks. That way I can hoard tons of books and they don't take up much space and no one need know how many I have. I hope you knock out a bunch during March! Happy reading!

  12. i also decided to set my goals as 4books^^ so far so good i guess^^