Friday, March 16, 2012

Review Copy Cleanup - Don't Be Such a Tease

The Don't Be Such a Tease challenge is all about being the biggest tease possible. We are all reading books that aren't published yet, and what is more fun than showing other readers how awesome your current read is! The challenge is to share a few sentences from the RCC book you are reading right now, so we can all get a little taste.

Because I used my current read for Teaser Tuesday here (I haven't gotten much reading done thanks to midterms), I'm grabbing one I haven't started yet and giving a little tease! This teaser comes from The White Oak by Kim White, which I haven't started yet, but it seems pretty cool from this teaser!

"From up here I can see everything: the myserious river that brought me here, the barren plain of Asphodel, and the black river Tartarus - wide as an ocean, with a giant leaden sphere, the size of a small planet, rotating in its oily waters."


  1. Nice teaser! The cover for this book is so beautiful! :)

  2. The teaser intrigues me and the cover is pretty. And good luck with midterms. I have less time for reading due to graduate school.

  3. Ohh, very interesting teaser! And I seriously LOVE that cover. *swoons* It's so pretty. I'm super intrigued by this book and I hope it's as good as it seems. :D

  4. Great teaser! I love the cover of this book. I hope you'll enjoy it once you start it (:

    Celine ~ Nyx Book Reviews

  5. fantastic teaser and i love the cover..this is on my wishlist!
    Here is mine: