Thursday, October 11, 2012

What's Next? (3)

What's Next is an awesome meme from Icey Books where I get to hear from you, the readers, about what I should read next. Before I started my blog, I read a lot of epic fantasy. As part of Reading Through My Bookshelf, I have lots I need to read. Help me decide where to start (after Game of Thrones, of course).

1. The Wanderer's Tale by David Bilsborough

It has been five hundred years since the Peladanes stormed the distant stronghold of Vaagenfjord. There, the dreaded rawgr Drauglir and his supernatural minions had held sway over the mortal world, in a long, terrifying reign.

And now, the peace is broken. Rumors abound, ill omens have been seen, and a priest of the One God has had a vision. The rawgr--hideous, powerful creatures of which there were but few -- have reappeared and, from their far northern outpost, threaten to wreak vengeance on the descendants of the Peladanes who sacked their fortress centuries before.

Thus begins an epic adventure--a fabulous quest--the likes of which has never been told. David Bilsborough, a brilliant young author, has created a passionately imagined vision of Lyndormyn, a world teeming with peoples, history, cultures; a world rich with fabulous landscapes and hidden terrors; a world with compelling characters--human and other--some deadly, others merely remarkable.

In sum, his creation explores a world of wonders that will surprise and captivate readers with its masterfully woven tapestry of lives entrapped by the play of Time and Chance, Good and Evil, on a grand scale. It's a sweeping epic to fire the imagination of readers everywhere.

2. Spellfire by Ed Greenwood

The Fire That Burns
It can lay low a dragon or heal a wounded warrior.
It is the most sought-after magical power in all Faerun.
And it is in the reluctant hands of Shandril of Highmoon, a young, orphaned kitchen-lass.
Now she's on the run from half of the evil sorcerers in the land, not to mention their relentless minions. But with the help of a handsome young wizard, some rough-and-tumble Knights of Myth Drannor, and a certain old mage of Shadowdale, she just might manage to stay alive.
At least until tomorrow.
An all-new expanded version of Ed Greenwood's classic tale, including a new forward by the author.
One of Ed Greenwood's most popular novels, Spellfire is being rereleased in an all-new trade paperback edition. This version has been completely reedited and contains added text and material that bring new excitement to the story. This edition also features new cover art and is classified as the first title in the brand-new Forgotten Realms series Shandril's Saga.

3. Azure Bonds by Kate Novak and Jeff Grubb

Her name is Alias, and she is in big trouble.

She is a sell-sword, a warrior-for-hire, and an adventuress. She awoke with a series of twisting, magical blue sigils inscribed on her arms and no memory of where she got them.

Determined to learn the nature of the mysterious tattoo, Alias joins forces with an unlikely group of companions: the halfling bard, Ruskettle, the southern mage, Akabar, and the oddly silent lizard-man, Dragonbait. With their help, she discovers that the symbols hold the key to her very existence.

But those responsible for the sigils aren't keen on Alias's continued good health. And if the five evil masters find her first, she may discover all too soon their hideous secret.


  1. I haven't heard of any of these but judging from cover alone.. I'd go with Spellfire.. that one definitely looks interesting!

  2. I vote for The Wanderer's Tale. :)

    I'd appreciate a vote on my What's Next?

  3. The Wanderer's Tale sounds good. I vote for it for sure. Thank you for voting on mine as well.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  4. My vote goes to The Wanderer's Tale, it sounds epic!

    Kristin @ Young Adult Book Haven

  5. I haven't seen any of these, but WOW -- some epic covers! Love the retroness of them all!

    I hope you like whatever you pick!

    1. Haha, some of my books are seriously old-school! Most of these are library rescues I got for my boyfriend that ended up on my TBR.

  6. (facepalm) sometimes fantasy covers really do the books an injustice. My vote goes to Azure Bonds. I like a kick-ass female protagonist. Here's Ours

  7. I was scrolling over your blog when I saw old-school Forgotten Realms and stopped dead. So awesome! I haven't seen these in ages!

    I'm 100% voting for Spellfire. Greenwood is a Forgotten Realms founder, and I like the idea of a "director's cut" version of the novel being produced.

    I also love the idea of opening a vote for your next read. Fantastic idea. I hope it works out. :)