Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cover Compare (5): Ruby Red

I like both of these covers. However, I feel like the left one has something special about it, while the right one looks a little too much like all the other YA covers out there.

Now let's check out some covers from other languages!
Film Edition!


  1. Hey,

    I just wanted to remark that the cover at the bottom is the very original cover. It's not "other languages" but the original because Kerstin Gier is German. ;-)

    Interesting though how the covers vary in different countries.

    Johanna @ Challenging Reads

  2. Wow, how strange that some covers make it look like a self-published book. I like the original German cover & The first two covers.


  3. This one has lots of different covers! I think from the top two, I like the second one best, and from the other covers, I love the third one down!

    I love seeing different covers from different countries!

  4. I love the bottom (original) one, in pink & black, but also the top two and the first 'other language' one - I just love keys and a statement colour :)