Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cover Compare: Anna Dressed in Blood

I've missed the last few weeks on Cover Compare, but today we are back in action. I'm partway through this one and I have to say I love the cover I have (on left). However, the love the one on the right even more. The red dress is so much creepier! Do you agree or are you a fan of the white?



  1. Really, the red dress goes with the title more ... but I do love the one on the left best!

  2. It's not incredibly different I don't really have any preference I guess. I do like how the red pops on the UK cover on her dress, but it also looks like she spilled ketchup on herself >.<

  3. I think they are almost the same but I like the simplicity of the one on the left. Great comparison!

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

  4. Definitely the red one! Creepy all the way!

  5. Although the right one seems creepier, I'd choose the one on the left because the right one just looks like a red dress, while the other one, seeing the blood on the hem, looks more that there's blood dripping from it.