Friday, October 25, 2013

Truth or Dare Friday (#4)

So I've decided to try out a new meme I found from Jenna Does Books. Who doesn't love a game of Truth or Dare, especially when it's about books. This weeks choice is:

As tempting as a puppet play would be, I'm a bit short on time so Truth it is!

My biggest pet peeve inside a book is instalove. I'm so over it. Have some relationship development! I don't care what stupid reason for the characters professing their love within a week, I don't want to hear it. And sparks when they touch just adds insult to injury! A close second is a poorly done love triangle. The odd time a love triangle works, but most of the time, I'm just annoyed. It's bee so overdone.

My biggest pet peeve outside a book is when they arrive damaged! Recently my copy of Antigoddess by kendare Blake arrived and it had a medium-sized partial punctor on the back cover and it made me sad. The worst was my copy of Beautiful Creatures, which had 2 rips in the dust jacket. And I couldn't exchange it because it was on clearance and they were sold out.


  1. I know what you mean about books arriving in poor condition! My copies of Unravel Me and Out of the Easy came with pages that were uneven. One entire side (the long one) wasn't cut to even them out, so it looks like a hot mess.
    As for instalove, I can handle that if I have to, but not love triangles. That, I'm sick of.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. I've been very lucking with books so far, but yes, I would hate that. I treat my books very carefully, so when they would arrive damaged.. Insta-love *sigh* I don't get it. I understand you can't take TOO much time, but some development is more than welcome. Feeling attractive to someone in your first meeting is NOT love.

  3. Instalove = Bad. Instasex = Good! :)

  4. Oh my goodness. All of the above!

    Instalove? = Unrealistic.

    Sparks? = Somebody better get that checked out, either that or it's that thing called "static electricity".


    And damaged books? I feel ya on that one. I cannot even stand it if the design on the spine isn't perfectly lined up. If a store doesn't have a suitable copy of a book I want to buy, many times I will pass it up until I find a better copy elsewhere. Anytime I order a book online, I wait in fear that I will receive an unsuitable book. I think this is my OCD going into overdrive, but if a book does not meet my Spine Compliance Standards (SCS), heads will roll.

    Thanks for participating in Truth or Dare this week! :)

  5. I don't like insta-love either, I'd rather have the characters fall for each other over time. A pet-peeve in books for me lately is all the Dystopian that seem to be the same. "Their society is evil and they have to fight to be together." I'm just sick of that same story line because it's so predictable and doesn't actually focus on the dystopian part, just the forbidden romance.
    I hate it when books arrive damaged. I've been pretty lucky so far, but I dread the day that I get a ruined one.

  6. Yes I cry to when books arrive damaged. As for insta-love I can tolerate it more in adult books, but YA makes me roll my eyes.

  7. Insta-love, especially in YA is a major pet peeve for me, although I do get instant attraction - 2 very different things! I hate it when a book arrives damaged, but I don't mind it looking thoroughly read when I have indeed read it. :-) Another pet peeve of mine is violent heroes who fly off the handle for absolutely no reason, that is not sexy!!! Gosh, what a therapeutic post! Thanks honey.

  8. I depends for me about the insta-love thing. I'm okay if they acknowledge that it isn't exactly love, but a strong attraction/connection that turns into love. But lets face it, they have 200-400 pages to get their characters in love, so they have to get things moving. lol. But the type where it's so ridiculously dramatic it super annoying. A pet peeve of mine is controlling 'alpha' males. There's alpha, and then there's controlling a-holes.


  10. I don 't like instalove either, but it all depends on how it's told. It doesn't feel like instalove if we get a lot of special moments with them before we start feeling the vibe. So yeah, it has to done right, it just rarely is and it drives me nuts too!
    And the damaged books- yes, so annoying!

  11. Ew Instant Love. BLEHHHHHH. I also really hate it when books I paid for arrive damaged.

    Great post, hun! <33

  12. Agreed. Love triangles are everywhere now. It's really hard to pull off a love triangle, especially when the "other" option sucks. Go with the first guy. Yeah. *rubs hands together*!!! What are you doing with that second guy? Wait, is that a third?

    As for books that come in damaged, I stare at the screen in horror just thinking of it. Fortunately, that has not happened to me...yet. :O But I'd be so sad, and then so mad. >:O

    Thanks for sharing!

    Here's my truth or dare.

    Ellen @ Glamorous Book Lounge

  13. I hate it when I receive a damaged book from where I ordered it. It is sad.