Thursday, February 6, 2014

Life of a Blogger: If You Could Live Anywhere...

Life of a Blogger is a weekly feature hosted by Jessi of Novel Heartbeat. Each week, we share a little about ourselves and our real lives so we can get to know the people behind the blogs!

This week's topic is If You Could Live Anywhere.

My first answer is Hogsmeade! If I found out I was a witch (my Hogwarts letter just got majorly delayed), I'd move to Hogsmeade in a heartbeat, where I would raise Nifflers and Crups in my back garden!

If I'm going to keep things in the real world, I'm not sure! I enjoy everything about living in Canada except for the weather! It was -27 C (-17 F) this morning when I started my car. Brr! I'd have to do a bit more travelling before I'd make a final decision, but Scotland is pretty high on my list, as is my home Canada.

Scotland! Source

Canada! Source


  1. Wow, there's a big difference between Scotland and Canada!! =D
    I haven't been to Scotland yet, but it sure is a beautiful place! I would love to see Loch Ness.

    If we're talking about "fantasy" places, it definitely has to be Narnia ;)

  2. I didn't even think about fantasy places!! I would definitely live in Hogsmeade as well! :D

  3. I would love to live in Scotland :)
    I like where I live right now (Uruguay) but I dream with travel around the world some day
    Great post

  4. CANADA! Woot, I have been loving the weather lately *waits for everyone to throw stuff at me* Scotland looks very pretty. I hop you get your acceptance letter to Hogwarts soon!

  5. I would totally choose Scotland if it meant I could live in that castle - as long as that castle is all modern on the inside! Hehe.
    I've never been there, or Canda, though. So I'm not sure I could really choose either. But I do hope you get that letter soon!

  6. Canada represent! Haha, it's definitely been crazy cold here. I'd honestly love to live anywhere in the HP universe as it's so magical :) Scotland looks great. I'm not really sure where I'd like to live, I think I'd need to travel the world before I made my decision (;

  7. If it weren't for the bitter cold all three of those places would be at the top of my list too. But I like it HOT. Although if I could do the Hogsmeade thing for reals, I guess I'd deal with the cold LOL

  8. Yes! Anywhere in Harry Potter world would be fun. :) As for anywhere in the world, I would love to live in Alaska. I'm not sure why, since I'm already craving warmer temperatures so I can get out for walks, but when hubs and I took a cruise there for our honeymoon, we really, really loved it. Scotland would be beautiful!

  9. That's awesome! Ahhh, Scotland. I want to go there so bad! That, Ireland, and Australia. I can't say if I would want to live there, because I've never seen it, but it is beautiful for sure!