Thursday, December 20, 2012

Always Me Blog Tour: Character Bios

By the summer, Tatiana “Nicky” Roman must learn to trust Xander Day if she’s ever going to discover the origin of her violent hallucinations. But centuries of being repeatedly murdered by him on July 17th are a little hard to forgive.

Over four hundred years ago, Xander thought the holy man’s prophetic words were as crazy as his eyes—that Alexander and Tatiana were destined to be together forever. But Xander misunderstood the mystic. He knows now forever meant forever taking the other’s life. If they never break the bloody curse holding them prisoners of fate, there will be only one outcome: death.

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I'm excited to be featuring Nicky's character bio as part of the blog tour!

Name:  Tatiana Nicole Roman
Age: 18
Hair/Eyes:  Long, chestnut hair/grey
Height: 5’6"
Likes:  reading, poetry, volunteering
Vices: chews her nails, a bit judgmental, tends to offend

History:  Nicky’s history is a colorful one that has always afforded her a life of privilege and comfort.  Born a princess, she’s often been removed from the crowd, held aloft.  Austere and spoiled, Tatiana started life with few redeeming qualities, but her gothic beauty and royal title gained her frequent forgiveness.  The day she happened upon the son of a dairy farmer would change her fate forever. 

Through all her different reincarnations, the life Nicky most closely resembles is when she was the second daughter of the Czar of Russia.  In this life she discovers volunteer and charity work; she becomes a more dutiful daughter.  Her family is very important to her, right to the end.  It would be this fateful ending that would strike a new fear within her heart in regards to her familiar dairy farmer’s son, now embodied as a Bolshevik guard.  It would also be the turning point when she learns to love others more than herself, though it comes at the price of never feeling love for Alexander again.  Or so she thinks.

Character Breakdown:  Years of enduring bloody, morbid nightmares and visions have caused Nicky to retrieve further into herself.  She battles losing her sanity every day.  She rarely lets anyone get too close to her.  She can still be spoiled and stuck up, but also shows that she can be caring and generous, giving much of her time and heart to the elderly.  Nicky takes her job as a dutiful daughter seriously; she's flawfully set in her ways.  That is until Xander comes into her life.  It might have taken four hundred years, but Nicky finally learns what true sacrifice is.

Awesome! Nicky sounds like a character who can definitely make an interesting book!

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Author Bio:
Kelly Riad is an American writer who graduated from Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas with a degree in journalism.  Because's she's always been a lucky little brat, her life has taken her all over the world from the hot, humid streets of Hong Kong and the crowded markets of Cairo, to the cobbles of Vienna and the ruins of Rome from where she has shamelessly stolen ideas and material for her stories.
She self-published her first young adult novel, Always Me, in September 2011.  Other Novels include Return to Arèthane and Prince of Arèthane.
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  1. Nicky sounds like she could be such a fascinating character! I hadn't heard of this book before but I love this cover!!

  2. Oh wow sounds like Nicky has gon through a lot! This one is new to me too but I like how dark and dreary it sounds. Thanks for sharing!